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Reading your guys' responses brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for just being there. I know my post is probably whining but it's nice to have this site to dump emotional stuff at because there's times in my life when it's all I have. So thank you so much.

Astro, you're spot-on about maintaining perspective. One thing I'm noticing about my life right now is that the weekends get a little tough sometimes because it seems like it's always the weekends when something crops up. Yesterday, it was the momentary scare about the truck engine when I went to start her up for the first time and a couple weekends before that, it was something with my kitchen sink... So what I'm planning on doing in tandem to this truck engine business is that I'm planning on taking out an additional $2k to spend on myself. Well, it won't be exactly $2k, but there's going to be a little money in there above the $10k I'm spending on all the engine stuff just to treat myself with. I've always wanted a TIG welder and a kayak, so I'm planning on using that additional money on those things as the kayak, especially, will give me something to toy around on with local water holes. I love to fish, too, so that should add to that experience. I figure it will help me keep my mind off things and hopefully have more fun on my weekends.

And I sure hope I'll find comfort in time. I can't remember feeling happy. My lack of relationships is a major cause of that and I'm trying to explore ways to change that. It's so much harder forming relationships when you're older.
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