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I saw a post on here once about having a carefree night without drinking. It was about going out, doing something and pretending you have no cares int he world. Like at a concert, social event or whatever. Let go of everything. Just act like you would if you were drinking, except dont drink.

I think you're post is really honest. Most people who relapse claim they thought they could moderate or that they dont know what happened and a beer just ended up in their hand so they drank it. I think what you mentioned is closer to the truth in a lot of theses cases. People just want to be drunk and separated from reality again.

One of the things I liked about drinking was the out of control, no accountability aspect of it. Going out late at night and not knowing what was going to happen. But, part of my recovery was to either let go of those kind of urges, work them out in some way or even try to replace them with some kind of alternative. Its hard to live in a harsh world at times but I believe its all I know so Im trying to find the best ways of coping that I can. Keep it up.
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