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Right now I am struggling. I drank last june and have been serially relapsing since. Best Ive done is 5 months since then. I WISH i had not decided to drink. I romanticised it too and thought I could be a normie. No.
We can never be normal when alcohol is concerned, ever. Please dont drink I did and I am in a bad place. Do your self a favour and do not under any circumstances drink even one sip of booze. My wife asked me June last year to taste her drink, some rhubarb gin mix thing out of a can. I took one sip. One sip. Within 2 months a was passed out drunk on the floor. One sip is all it took. They say dont take the first drink and they are right. You might be ok for a few weeks on and off but eventually it will get you. You will be drunk again, you will be in hell again.
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