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I am really glad you came here and posted! 2.5 years is a substantial amount of sober time, what have you been doing to help you stay sober, what has been working? Can you think of something that may be missing lately that you need to add back into your recovery plan?

It is funny how we can romanticize wine. I was also a wine drinker, a d would envision how nice it would be to be sitting with a nice cold glass of white wine overlooking some lake, or the ocean, however the reality was I was pouring myself one too many glass of whatever large bottle of wine I had in my fridge and was drinking it alone on my couch when the kids went to s,eep, and occasionally the first glass when they were awake. Then The bargaining with myself would occur, “I can just have one more…” Well, there really isn’t much left in this bottle I may as well finish it,” then I would climb into bed and sleep miserably, and wake up feeling even more miserable, and need to function through the day. I can guarantee there was nothing romantic about how I looked stumbling to my room for bed, or when my alarm went off the next day.,

Mindfulness, going for walks in nature, journaling, gratitude, yoga, reading, reading and posting here these are all things that help me when I am stressed, or just want to let the day go.

You can do this! Keep working toward year three!
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