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Strength.......If you have any co-dependency tendencies, yourself....then I would imagine that it does feel weird or uncomfortable, to you when you are separated or he shows signs of being more independent of the relationship. Or, feeling uncomfortable that he may not "need" you as much, any more. for the co-dependent, the other person can become the nidus--the central focus of their daily living, and occupy the majority of efforts, thought, etc. If there is any change in this---it can feel like a void.
On the job search part----I think that this would be a valid concern and majpr issue in any relationship----addiction, or not.I can imagine how this could easily become a source of very realistic, and practical conflict.
I can see where this would be a major life adjustment for him, and, probably very worrisome and anxiety producing for him.
If I were in your shoes----and, I am aware that I am not----I would be very reluctant to resume living together in the same house until he has his work life worked out and stabilized. I would not pressure him---but, I would not go back into a situation that could easily spiral into major conflict for the BOTH of you. that would be fodder for relapse, since he is so early into recovery. Missing him is one thing---but you do get to see him very often. but, is missing him enough reason to go back into a fragile living situation when the stakes are so high---high----high?
You will do whatever you decide to do, of course---lol. I an just saying what I would do, given my experience with this kind of situation.
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