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Hi all! Checking in on another sunny day, it's been amazing to have all of this great weather. Yesterday, I actually went to my office to clean it out and take my personal items home - I consider myself (kind of) a minimalist, so it was pretty funny to see all of the crap I d accumulated there in just 6 short months, including a bunch of artwork and two lamps. Still, it was fairly fast and easy and it definitely had to be done.

We had our weekly video call with all of our staff, and I was thinking my boss would mention my leaving so I could thank everyone, but no - he simply addressed everything to the person I recruited internally to replace me (which helped them simply because this is an area where my boss and others in the org have little or no expertise, and it's considered very essential to our boards and commissions). He also didn't reply to my email thanking him for the opportunity, so I know he's taking my departure personally. Normally, I would allow this to bother me even more and jump through hoops to make sure he knew how much he was doing, but I don't know if it's sobriety or pure laziness, but I'm more than I am (it definitely DOES bother me), but I'm really trying to focus on getting out of there and preserving the positive connections I've made. He's a very powerful and influential person, so I would never want to overtly offend him, but maybe I can take this opportunity to kind of drift away and be OK with it.

I've thought about drinking much more frequently this week, even briefly wondering whether it would actually help me during this stressful time (!!!!!!) and noticing the beer and wine aisles at the grocery store. I tell myself that this is merely a test from the universe and if I can get through this time, I'll come out stronger in my sobriety and overall. I'm also overeating like crazy, which is only partially balanced by the walks I'm taking. Sigh.

I hope everyone else is hanging in there!
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