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Hello Toad....

Thank you for the Spring update as all of us I'm hoping
are waiting eagerly for Winter to leave and warmer tempts
arrive. 27 days sounds sooooo amazing.

The tempts will dip to 32 tonight but not until the Sunshine
pours over us thru out the day today. Yay..!!!!

All this wetness, rain, dampness keeps a chill in the air
that goes straight to the bone. Thank goodness for flannel
shirts and warm socks.

Thanks for asking about my teeth. Much appreciated.

Yesterday was the first full day without antibiotics
as I finished up the instruction on taking them. It was
also the first day with no pain there but I did have a
slight headache, which was probably a sinus headache.

I tell you what, I am hardly ever sick and Thank God
im as healthy as I am. However, when I do get sick, I
dont know why I am because it is something im not
familiar with. Anyway.....

Today, no pain...!!!! Yay......without the dentist telling
me it could be sinus related to my teeth hurting, he
prescribed a round of antibiotics which thank God
has cleared it up.

It took me asking a bunch of questions and researching
on my own ….doing the footwork to figure out this questionable

I guess now, I will have to be cautious working in my
garden of paradise from now on protecting my sinuses
from allergans lurking around. Something, ive never
experienced before.....Allergy infections that will attack
my teeth and sinuses. Yuk.... long as the xrays from the dentist doesn't
show anything going on to cause concern there, then I
am armed with knowledge and helpful solutions to be
ready if this should happen again down the road.

Antibiotics are great to clear up infections quickly
and its up to me to do all I can on my side to help prevent
allergies from happening to the best of my human ability.

At least I remain teachable and willing to do what
is needed to keep and stay as healthy and sober each
day I take a breath.

Okay, friend, stay warm as we continue counting
down those days till sweet Spring arrives.

What will you be doing today?

Baton Rouge, La.

I turn my will and life over to the care of a Power greater than I on a daily basis for guidance, care and protection.
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