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Good morning & evening Januarians

Jr & Sober45, congrats on hitting 50 days!! Love the card JR !!
Sober53, thinking of your husband. It is a major challenge for you both, so lots of positive thoughts. Stay strong.
Willow, thinking of you. However overwhelming events feel now, you have a new group here who care. You can push through all these challenges and maintain your sobriety. Everyone is behind you.
Fishkiller, glad you are feeling better physically. It sounds like you could do with one of your amazing, restorative seafood dishes this weekend
Wolfie. Well done on 45. That is a major milestone. Going strong.
BM, the more I think about why I do what I do, the more fear seems to be what rules us.

I am doing OK. Much the same as yesterday, happy that I am on this journey with you all but a bit fatigued from work. Grateful for many things. Maybe learning not to take so much for granted.

It feels like one thing to become sober and another thing to change the world we live in so we don't need to numb ourselves or escape from life anymore. Being sober, making good decisions, building relationships and good habits, seems to be the first steps of changing our world. In my mind anyway.

I think I expressed that terribly but hopefully it came across.

Have a very happy and sober Friday classmates

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