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That pittie on Grounds and Hounds is so sweet. I'm sorry she had her ears cut off. They do it in an extremely grizzly way with scissors and no anesthesia. But she is a sweet thing. She/he, looks like a she to me, is so adorable. I wish I could take her home. I saw a 12 y.o. cat for adoption. I'm always a softie for the older ones. I'm praying this little cutie gets a home. I'd hate for an animal to die in a kennel, although it's not a kennel, they have cat condos and rooms for the dogs, so it's not dogs behind bars.
I have my shift tonight at ARF. They are having Yappy Hour tonight, so I'll be out of there by the time it starts. I hope they make lots of money. Fundraising is so important. Luckily, Mr. La Russa has some very wealthy and kind benefactors and a lot of athletes. We're so lucky in that respect. They want for very little, but almost everything is donated. The Girl Scouts donated a ton of towels which we needed. The Fire Dept/EMS donate blankets that they can only use once, we disinfect them and they're great to keep the animals out of surgery warm. I'm kind of tired. I have to take Luke out and start drinking coffee! I hope I have a good shift. It's so physical, I have to work on getting my mojo up!
Thanks for the Grounds and Hounds pittie. She's too cute. I'm going to look up their coffee and buy some. Have you tried it Purps? I know you're the coffee go to person. Love you all!
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