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Originally Posted by sobermafia View Post
Hi DaisyBelle- my thoughts are with you. You have a full plate, and look at how strong you are. I'm glad you are posting here and talking to your sponsor today. I wish there was more that I could say or do, but I think you are pretty amazing for dealing with everything you are and making your sobriety/self-care a priority.

I'm entering Day 45, and the next couple of days are going to be hard. I'm just putting it out there. Today, my favorite great aunt is turning 100, so that's super exciting. We are having a big party for her tomorrow, but my mom who has health issues of her own is doing most of it, so I am helping her. So I spend half the party worrying about my mom, and the other half being stressed by the extended family.

I get annoyed that nobody else helps even though my mom has several ongoing health issues, and my dad will be crabby about the whole ordeal even though it's his aunt. (My dad is a narcissist). And today is always a tough day, as my two engagements were called off on Valentines Day several years ago. I never thought I would be single and in my 40s but here I am. And the extended family tomorrow.....I just love (sarcasm) the questions about why I am still single, etc.

So yes, I am posting here to put it out there. Life is sort of hard right now, and I want to be strong. So here I go, taking it minute by minute, hour by hour and one day at a time.
You are a wonderful daughter, and niece.
No idea how some people don't feel the need to lend a helping hand. It's always the same family members huh, and they are usually the ones to hassle you or question as to so, tell me, why is a gorgeous girl like you still single? etc.....makes you want to explode right?

I knew I wasn't going to be married until 50....don't ask me how, I just always knew. And as I only intend on getting married once, God willing, I get to spend 30+ years with my man.....

I always used to say to my mum (while she was hassling me about missing out)....sorry mum, you and dad are amazing (they were), but the idea of being with someone for 50 years plus is well, a lot.

Sending you so much love dear sobermafia. s

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