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Good morning everyone! I did most of my drinking away from home, but there were the occasional parties with way too many booze bottles at the end of the night. Like you all mentioned, itís so nice not to have that hanging over our heads anymore.

I have found that Iím eating like crazy. I think Iím depressed from my broken foot, daughterís eating disorder, my surgery, etc. Iím definitely exchanging one addiction for another, which I know isnít helpful. I need to work on that.

My mom (major anxiety producer) is coming over, uninvited, today. I hate seeing her. Iíve asked her very firmly two times not to offer my daughter food nor talk about her eating disorder. Both times she offered her food (behind my back). This morning she texted my husband asking if she could come over because she got us Valentineís Day gifts. I hate Valentineís Day and she knows this. I think itís a stupid Hallmark holiday. Wanna bet she brings over candy to my anorexic and bulimic daughter? My anxiety is through the roof. Thank God Iím talking with my sponsor before my mom comes over. Iím talking with her about Step 4 so that will be very helpful.

I donít mean to sound ungrateful because I know there are those who have lost their moms. My mom is incredibly unhealthy for me. Sheís narcissistic, critical, controlling, disrespectful and manipulative. I never had a mom. From a very young age, I took over the role of mom... sheíd ask me for advice on men she was dating, job offers she got, medical decisions. She continues to do this and now I tell her, ďI donít know. Thatís your decision to make.Ē Sorry to get on a tangent. She just really triggers me and I know I need to go no contact. Just a stressful morning.
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