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Of course you can be helped. What if the psychiatrist were able to help you enough to where you felt confident enough to go see a doctor? Just see one, no tests or anything, just see one and talk to them.

What if he were able to prescribe some anti anxiety medication, just a few pills, not a full blown prescription (if you don't want that) so that you could actually curb your anxiety enough to go see a doctor. Did you suggest that to him?

What if he could prescribe oxygen for you to be delivered to your house regularly?

These are simple things that you might get from your 30 dollars each visit investment, wouldn't the peace of mind of knowing you are going in the right direction be worth that - just for that alone?

As Suki said, we can give you our best advice but we can't actually help you make that jump, the psychiatrist may be able to give you that help.
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