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Hey guys....

As always, it's a pleasure to hear from you guys.

Come on Spring...!!!!!! Thanks Toad..!!!!

Nerve pain is no fun. All pain is still, NO fun.

Glad you are back on the road Astro and that your pinched
nerve hasn't slowed you down for long just by incorperating
some old fashion techniques and remedies in place of those high
powered drugs so easily prescribed by doctors that keep folks sick
in their addiction.

Even I began gargling with warm salt water or peroxide, Tylenol
and watching what I was eating all to help keep some of the pain
away till I got to the dentist this morning.

Well, after being the first patient of the day, they took some
xrays and the dentist came to talk to me with....well.....there
was nothing on the xrays to show any kind of pain. There
wasn't any indication of infection either. Hmmmm....then
what is causing my pain?????

He suggested that I go back to the root canal specialists
that I went to last Oct. because he deals more into nerve
pain in the teeth. Okay....but I didnt want to go back there
and told him that I would rather stay with him and trust
in the work he is doing.

In all honesty, he explained that he didnt want to just
pull good teeth if he didnt see any reason to do so. So,
the plan is is to go back to the specialist after a week on
antibiotics if the pain continues.

Then, let the specialist do his thing with xrays and such
and then my dentist and him can consult as to what the
next step will be in figuring out what is causing this
mysterious pain.

Last October when I went to this specialist as a referral
from my dentist, he took xrays and then did a procedure
by going in the all ready done root canal and cleaned it
out by injecting a solution which took away the pain. And....

It wasn't cheap either.

I was hoping that procedure would last a long time
and yet here I am with the same pain again. What
ticks me off is that we haven't paid off that bill yet
and now.....we are not looking to add more expense
to it.


Before I get myself all worked up over this, let me
take this antibiotic for a week and then see what
happens. Who knows....this may do the trick. Fingers

Maybe I should never buy and eat Doritos

Yep, im guilty for eating some hot spicy doritos and
because they are thick and crunchy and delicious, they
may have done some damage to my whatcha

Maybe all that spice affected the nerves in my gums
burning the heck out of them?????

I do remember when I was in my drinking career,
my gums were close to have gum disease as the
alcohol was affecting them pretty badly. Did that
stop me from drinking, nope.....thankfully I didnt
lose any of my teeth, but there were many other
red flags to finally getting me into recovery at the
ripe age of 30.

Whew.....I'm glad that happened when it did or else....
who knows where id be today.

Happy to be alive and sober even if I have normal
life pains from time to time.

Good to hear from you guys. Being in the company
and fellowship of sober friends makes life fun.

Baton Rouge, La.

I turn my will and life over to the care of a Power greater than I on a daily basis for guidance, care and protection.
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