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Well done on getting to work nearer home Wholesome. That will make a big difference to your life I'm sure.

Originally Posted by Wholesome View Post
I'm ready to own a position
I think that's a very important, though difficult, step to take. At some point we must all take a position on important things.

Kierkegaard says that, "faith is an objective uncertainty held fast in passionate inwardness". And most of the rest of life is like that. It's rather like having a relationship with someone. You make a passionate commitment with a bit of theoretical uncertainty! Faith is that kind of personal commitment, and I think for people who believe in a personal God it's a commitment made in response to a personal encounter.

I think it is perfectly possible to have an absolute practical commitment when you cannot say you are theoretically certain. Wouldn't it be odd if you said to your partner "I'm not going to fully commit to our relationship until I have incontrovertible proof that you are worthy of my trust"? I might try it as an experiment with this new woman I've met and report back.

This is a liberal position I guess, since people who are very illiberal would insist on theoretical certainty when such a certainty is not possible. That is almost a definition of an illiberal person - they claim to be certain of something when no theoretical certainty is possible, and you see it everywhere.
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