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Originally Posted by Wholesome View Post
I used to think humans were a plague on the Earth too, Tatsy. But I changed my mind about that too... Now I believe that we are all created by God. We are the Word Made Flesh and just like the bible says, every hair on each of our heads is accounted for. The Earth is more than capable of supporting all of us, and only an Anti-Christ Lucifierian agenda would say otherwise.
It sounds like an important effect of your kalundi awakening is that it's changed the way you see things. You described before that it stripped away appearances and you now see things as they really are.

The way we see things determines how we understand and value them, and how we behave towards them. Once we start think as you describe that we matter to God then we'll feel that we need to do some things for him. Our perception of things changes.

These kind of experiences are transformative. We begin to see ourselves in a different way and to see the world in a different way as well. I think our particular beliefs about things like evolution or space are often not all that important. Our beliefs are like a window and we can spend a lot of time looking at the glass or the window frame, and in the same way we can spend a lot of time looking at our beliefs. But you can also look through a window - that's it's main point of course! - and I think the metaphor holds because we can also look through our beliefs and doctrines and see beyond them. Our beliefs are like a lens that brings things in the world and ourselves and God into sharp focus.

I think C.S. Lewis said this well when he said:

"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."
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