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I've had the exact same indoctrination as everyone else. I live in Toronto Canada, so an argument could be made that I've received an even heavier indoctrination, since this is ground zero for all the Liberal agendas. Plus I'm a nerd who loves documentaries. I've watched a ton of spaced shows.

I'm convinced that it was all BS and propaganda. I don't think we can go to space guys. We've never been to the moon. That's the spiritual realm, we live in the material world. Seriously, take another look at the moon landing, but this time with a more critical eye. It now seems absurd to me that I once believed that we landed on the moon, set up a photo shoot, rode a dune buggy around, phoned home, and then splicketed out of there without a hitch, on this spaceship that looks like a couple of kids made it in their garage.

Also check out this mouse running around outside the international space station without a spacesuit or anything! Wth?

3 Things That Can't Stay Hidden Long: The Sun, The Moon, & The Truth
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