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Beautiful pictures, Wholesome. Don't wish to stray into eco-politics, but when earth is viewed from afar, it's so clear that we have an encapsulated atmosphere, that is conducive to the bio-diversity of the planet's plethora of inhabitants. If I sealed my property, likewise, then introduced toxic pollutants, which couldn't dissipate; it wouldn't take long for the property inhabitants to sicken and die.

I've been saddened this winter, to witness the effect of the published highest barometric reading for that time of year in the UK in 90 years (finally discovered my barometer is accurate!). Birds started their spring morning calling, bees and wasps came out of hibernation, only to find no food in January. I sometimes think humans are a plague on this planet.

I watched a video where an orangutang was fighting a mechanical digger, destroying the habitat, it was shot. Conversely, a video where a man was in a river, tending an orangutang habitat, and when he appeared in distress, the orangutang walked to the river edge and held out its hand to pull him out.

I believe humans embody both God and the Devil, in differing amounts.
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