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What's been done to us is that they inverted the the compass and the square. The compass is supposed to show heaven, where the spheres are, and the square is for earth, where we can measure the material world.

Just think about how pie is an infinite (but holy) number, that's because heaven is immeasurable - you can never exactly pin down a circle.

They made earth a sphere and the heavens/milky way the flat plain. It's like the Chilli Peppers song, "Space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement." These people love to conceal and reveal through movies and music. Did you know that every single Nasa image of earth is an artist composite? They take many images from weather balloons and wrap them around a sphere, and call them the "Blue Marble" collection. That's why they are always different, even the sizes of the continents.

Check it out.

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