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We do have a responsibility to steward the earth. I feel like I've woken up to a nightmare, before this awakening, I thought like most other people, now I'm scared. I don't want to be a minority in my own homeland. As soon as these foreigners can out vote us, they will, and they way they breed compared to us, and the way they are being mass imported in, it will happen soon. How do I tell my children that we not only gave away their country, but that they, like us, will also be forced to pay for it, and be treated second class. Humans are tribal, it's natural to us. It's proven when these new comers form their own parallel societies within their host countries. We aren't meant to live all squished up next to each other this way, it's asking for trouble.

Meanwhile, the children are being scared half to death with climate change HOAX and poor little Greta Thundertug gets exploited by her Luciferian parents. We are told everything is our fault, we should abort our babies to save the planet, while from the other side of their forked tongues they tell us we are to blame for the third worlds problems and we need to let them all in so they can have children that we can pay for. The truth is that the entire worlds population could fit in the state of Texas. The earth is more than capable of supporting all of us. We are just totally disconnected from the earth and terribly brainwashed. If our rulers wanted things to be different, they would be, but they like us as scared, sick, broke serfs.

Oh and it's fine to have tranny's teaching the children because the kids are themselves are probably transexual, or at least gay, and if you have a problem with it, then you are a homophobe, even though you don't care if an adult is gay or trans, as long as they leave your kids alone. But I gotta be honest, they way things are going down, and they way they are targeting children.... I'm starting to wonder if they rainbow doesn't end in a big old P. I've heard a few gay people speak out against it, saying that it's inappropriate and confusing to the children. Children are not sexual! I don't care what that creep Kinsey or even Freud said about them. Kinsey used pedophiles for his research and then published his research as factual. And Freud said kids want to have sex with their parents and parents needed to resist. No one should listen to either of those perverts. Their ideas should be swept into the dust bin of time.

Sorry, I'm going off on tirades here. I can get heated up. I just see so many inversions and lies around me. Here's another one, I used to be for abortion, up until the third month, I even had one as a teenager (may God forgive me), but then I learned that Canada has no rules for abortion. A woman can be in labor and say she changed her mind and wants an abortion, and they have to give it to her. That is Satanic.

Oh and we also recently legalized bestiality here in Canada.

And it's the same playbook and agendas throughout the West. Every Western country is facing the same issues of open borders with socialist policies. It's nothing more than a redistribution of wealth as they get ready to collapse us from within. Like Shakespeare said, Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
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