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Originally Posted by Tatsy View Post
I was in AA for years, worked the Steps twice, nothing clicked and I continued drinking, spiralling down the alcohol pit.
The "alcohol pit" is a very evocative phrase Tatsy.

You may well not agree with this but I think one of the things we need to be challenged about is the view that many of us have that we're okay, that when the chips are down we'll make the right choices. Very often it is by making mistakes, by doing things which when we've done them we think "That was wrong!" that we begin to realise thst there's something wrong with us as we naturally stand, that we need some kind of redemption.

I think the Christian view would express this by saying that it's not simply God saying "You're good. That's great." but God to discover that we are prone to mess things up and that we need someone who is able to be gracious towards us and to enable us to grow into the person that he wants us to be, realising that we can't do that in our own strength.

Part of the whole vision of the Christian faith, and I think this is reflected in the AA notion of surrendering to a Higher Power, is to say that we can't live in our own strength. We need to trust in this strong, gracious God who is there for us and who enables us to do things which left on our own we simply couldnt do.

It's like we're in a pit and can't get out of it and God or our HP if you like, to give an image, clambers into the pit and pulls us out. It's not about God giving us a ladder and saying "You've got to climb up however hard it is" It's more God climbing down to where we are and then bringing us up - bringing us up - to where he is.
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