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Yes, kind of.

I had a very stressful job with an awful boss that eventually helped to pull me down into an alcoholic black hole. I quit that job and took a job with half the pay but no stress. I knew going into my new job that it wasnít going to be a career but I needed to get out of my old job. I thought that would ďcureĒ my alcoholism. It didnít. I was too far gone. I took a month leave to focus on myself. Best decision Iíve ever made.

Personally, Iíve learned that I donít need a lot of money to be happy. Just think about how much time you spend at work. At my peak, I was working more hours than both my leisure time and sleep combined. Thatís a miserable life. Bottom line, if you werenít happy with your job, you did the right decision to quit. Employment really is everywhere you look. Good luck!
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