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Hi Jd,
It seems we have something in common.
I'm 435 days sober. I enrolled in a clinical 1 year outpatient alcohol treatment program in November, 2018.
Clinical participants are required to attend AA meetings (signed attendance cards), submit to random testing and attend madatory classes and meetings at the medical facility. I successfully completed the program in November 2019.

During the program, I was apprehensive about the many AA meetings I was required to attend (5 per week minimum, for the first 6 months, then 3 minimum).

I, too, felt I never really clicked with AA. I went to different meeting locations and tried meetings held at various times. Folks were always nice, welcoming, and I met several friends to say Hi to. just wasn't what I personally needed. I never did get a sponsor. I didn't formally do the steps. It just didn't appeal to me. But, folks in the rooms accepted that decision and I became a regular.

I attended AA faithfully for 1 year to complete my clinical program. I received my 1 year chip and my clinical completion certificate.

I stop by my old meeting location maybe once a month just to say Hi.
So, AA did help in my recovery...not really in the traditional AA sense, but I learned a lot from simply listening to others at meetings. Just my two cents...
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