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Originally Posted by DaisyBelle7 View Post

I keep reminding myself how great it feels to wake up without a hangover, without shame, and without guilt.
This statement is making me look back and reflect on all the times that I went to meetings with a terrible hangover, or felt like a complete idiot for having said or done something the night before. As bad as I hate to admit it, there have been a lot times that I have brought a level of danger as a direct result of alcohol and by incredible luck has there never been an incident in which myself or others did not have a serious injury or death.

I know that my wife wants to be helpful, but just doesn't realize that pointing out that I shouldn't drink so much just adds to the stress buildup of the day and is more likely to encourage turning that energy towards alcohol instead of away from it. I think that for my friends its a situation similar to your mom bringing over a bunch of cookies even though she knows they're not healthy for you, she just knows you want them.
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