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Originally Posted by jr67 View Post
Congrats, Vinny (on the 30-Day part, not the flu lol), hangin' in there without the hangover.

Today is my Day 15. (One Vinny = two jr67s.)

I could definitely get used to this no-hangover thing. It's happening already, can't wait to see how I feel on Day 30. Well, as a matter of fact I can wait (seeing as how I don't have a choice), but I'll get there.
The no hangover thing is weird for me. I am more tired when I wake up sober than when I was drinking. I know this is due to me actually getting good sleep and waking up as a normal human. When I was drinking, I never entered a deep sleep therefore it wasnít difficult to wake up. I just felt like crap all day. Now Iím groggy for 10 minutes and nothing a cup of coffee canít fix. Feels good to be a functioning adult again

Congrats on 15 days! I know itís not easy getting to that day.
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