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'The Most Grievous Sin'

Hi guys!

Here is an interesting article about a situation I've been 'reading into' for quite some time now:

Of all sins forbidden by the Ten Commandments, the most vile — worse than murder, in a way, because it so eloquently speaks to the perpetrator’s moral fiber — is “bearing false witness against thy neighbor.” Specifically, speaking falsely against someone to damage them civilly or criminally; framing them.

For such people, inflicting pain is the objective. It’s not about common good; it’s not about social justice; it’s not about anything but inflicting pain — and if they use foul means to reach their goal, so what? The person they’re hurting had it coming.

I don’t pretend to understand what sort of evil possesses these people and makes them capable of such deeds — but they are possessed by evil. They should and must be shunned: placed outside the sufferance of decent society

Some people are finished (here in Ireland), at least professionally.

Thanks guys


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