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I find communism really really scary.

I look at China and their social credit system and how Hong Kong is fighting the good fight against it. They have camps there. Now that communism has been paired with the surveillance state, I don't know how they will ever get out from under it.

I look at history and what happened to the poor Russians under the Bolsheviks and see nothing but horror. I don't want any more interference from outside interests in my country, they can keep their revolutionary spirits to themselves.

Last year I would have stood on the side of science. This year I see it as worshiping man over God. I believe in the devil now and I believe that he really is the father of lies and that it's by manipulating our virtues that we often get entrapped in them. Equality just sounds so noble. Who doesn't want everyone to have it good? Only problem is that it never ends that way, it always ends with everyone suffering equally, except the elite, who are insane and who hate us.

What do you think of the theory that there are two genetic lines coming out of the story of genesis? That Cain is fathered by the serpent and Abel by Adam? Part of God's curse on Eve is that there will be enmity between the two seeds, and God favored Abel's offering and he was a keeper of sheep, but God rejected Cain because he was a tiller of the Earth.
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