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I think Christianity has a lot more in common with Hinduism than anything else, although to be honest, I haven't done a deep dive into it. I'll get to it, but I'm reading like 5 books on spirituality right now, with all kinds on my list.

I think the planets are archtypes and that even if we don't perceive it, we are in contact with them. We've already talked about how Light has such magical properties. I think they are like portals into other worlds and the reason we have stories and impressions about them is that in some way we share some kind of communication with them. I believe now that we are in a cosmic egg and the Earth is a realm, with rings, and the next outer ring has Mars and Venus as their male/female sun and moon, and further our is Saturn and Jupiter, Uranus is the original creator, and Neptune is the waters separating us from whatever is beyond. Pluto is perhaps some kind of messenger, since at times it goes in front of Neptune's orbit.

I know it sounds crazy to reject the spinning water baal, dying prison planet! But I do! And I've been so much happier ever since! I love the cosmic egg idea and I love that it makes the world stop spinning out of control and puts God up above and hell down below, and brings our Sun and Moon so much closer, and makes us special and not just like a single grain of sand in an endless beach. I think it's so cool how people are going out and proving it! We see too far. And Light proves it too with lighthouses. And sound proves it with the whales in the seas. No one factors the curve of the Earth in when they build a single thing. And no one factors the curve when the fly, or at sea, or even in submarines. So now I think if I'm going to suspend my belief - which the spinning water baal requires as well - then I'm picking the beautiful one with hope and magic, not the one that makes me feel lousy and sad. I'm going all in and believing that God created it all in 6 days and there's a firmament up above and we are all just a whole big bunch of lost souls swimming in a big old fish bowl, just like Floyd said. I would say to research flat Earth, and research who Darwin and Freud and Einstein were. They were all secret society Baal worshipers, if you ask me. Tesla thought we were in a realm and that guy was base AF.

But when you're learning about different religions what is the most important question in your mind?
One thing I look for is how that religion teaches its member to be good moral people and what kind of societies those values create. I also try to look for the commonalities they have with each other, because I think that's where the truth is, in the synchronicity's.

I think we live in a fallen world, that the Earth is our paradise, and Satan's prison. Our job is to pass the spiritual test by discerning our way through his web of lies.

I know how it sounds! Just last year I was happily a godless heathen happily drinking my fluoride and tuned out on Netflix.
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