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Hola all and happy Monday. Chest day. Had my heaviest bench routine so far. Part of me frets about whether I should be trying to go this heavy every workout. After fifty, sometimes things can snap unexpectedly. No fun after that! Anyway, after regular bench presses I tried guillotine presses. They’re supposed to focus on your chest more than regular bench presses that involve your shoulders and arms a lot. You bring the bar down to your neck and press there. As long as you have a spotter or safety bars they’re safe. I didn’t go heavy and tried them and I dunno. They felt mostly the same. Meh. Tomorrow’s routine is Back. I think I’ll start doing my deadlifts again for a change. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Hey Ringo123. Have you thought about seeing a sports doctor about your leg? Or maybe that’s who you’re consulting now anyway. I hope as thinking they might have a better perspective on things.
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