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The Fibonacci spiral is a mathematical equation that forms spirals. The equation is made by adding the two previous numbers together, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21... and these spirals are found everywhere throughout nature, in flowers, and pine cones, and seashells. It's one of God's templates, I guess. It's really neat. Many great artists have used it to lay out their paintings. Leonardo Da Vinci comes to mind for using it. Music uses it with octaves. Even the planets have frequencies that spiral. In numerology, 6's spiral down to the earth from the sun, which is why 6 is the number of man and imperfect, and 9's spiral up to sun and 9 is considered magical because it contains all the numbers and none of them.

Then there's how frequencies form shapes and how everything is vibration and how all the mythologies talk about how creation was brought into being through the word, or sound. It's all about math and frequency and Light.

There are people who say you can be healed by finding the frequencies missing in your own voice and then listening to them.

I think the way to communicate with God is through music, math, color, and nature, and prayer, of course. Like who knows what else could be going on around us? We can only sense with the senses we have. There are color spectrum's we can't see, and frequencies we can't hear. Like where do we go when we sleep? What kind of energy do are thoughts hold? What about things like the collective unconscious? And why do we think there is a God? Who are we all talking to, and why do we all look up when we do it?

I have to say, your posts are stellar considering they are written off you phone! My posts would read like texts if I were do the same!
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