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Isn't a Fibonnaci spiral one of those twisty things that Fibonnaci discovered?

We've been talking of God as a mind-like ultimate reality that contains something analogous to thoughts, purposes and values. These are personal attributes so, while God is not a person like us, finite and embodied, it seems right to think of God as personal in some sense. So it seems natural to ask as to whether we can have a personal relationship with such a being.

It will be different than our relationships with other people. We can obviously see, hear and touch one another but God transcends our sense experience. We would have to relate to God in a mind-like rather than physical way.

We already have experince of something similar to this in introspection and self-knowledge. We can know something of our own minds without reference to our sense-experiences. When it comes it other people though it's not quite like this. We can't read other people's minds but we get to know through their behaviour, their expression and tone of voice and so on. These are physical signs of unseen thoughts and feelings.

The Jewish thinker Martin Buber described relationships like this, where we try to relate to another person by something that transcends the pirely physical, as an I-Thou relation, as opppossed to the I-It relation that we would have to physical objects.

There is of course much room for misunderstanding between persons. Some things may only be apparent to us when we really make an effort to understand. We may never find out some things about other people if they don't reveal them us, and that may depend upon whether they think we would understand what they revealed. But, still, but we try to do in a relationship is to learn about the other and share and do things together.

That was a brief sketch of the sorts of knowledge that are involved in personal relationships. It's clear that it's not just about physical things but also about the feelings, beliefs and purposes that is unique and special to each relationship.

The ‘I-Thou’ relation we experience with other people is, or is most like, the sort of relation we can have with God. If lived in an accidental, unknowing and uncaring universe then the I-It relationship of a purely scienctific understanding would be more appropriate. But if we live in relation to a supremely good mind, to God, then in an I-Thou relationship we might expect to learn something about that God and for God to help us attain the goal it wants for us.
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