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You are so right about not knowing if what you think you know is true. I guess that's what causes all the fighting! And no matter how much we think we know, it's still only a tiny tiny sliver of what's out there.

I agree that not all knowledge is equally true, or equally of merit. There is plenty of religious dogma that ought to be swept into the dustbin of time. I believe that some of it has been purposefully perverted to lead people astray. I'm approaching it forensically, picking up bits here and there, and then using my own gnosis and experiences to filter through it. I'm finding it to be like an adventure! It's so interesting and satisfying. I feel like the Spirit of truth has been with me, leading and guiding me. Like I'll hear about the same concept from multiple sources, in a short period of time, when the idea is totally new to me. There's been so much synchronicity.

What do you think about the fibonacci spiral and the golden ratio? Music and math are truths and bridges into the spiritual. Learning about sacred geometry and harmonics blew my mind. I have to be honest, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around some of the concepts, but I bet you get them!
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