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You've said a lot of things there! But just to pick up on learning and truth, the philosopher John Stuart Mill said that on things that can't be decided unequivocally the best way to find the truth is through debate and enquiry. So I think what you were saying about research and delving into things is the right approach. We need to learn what the range of opinions is and then think for ourselves about the views that can be held. When Jesus said "I am the Truth." that seems to mean that we should be very concerned to find the truth.

Two things seem to be important here. First of all, there is an absolute truth, or at least I believe that anyway. And this means that everyone's opinion is not equally true. There is only one truth and it is absolute.

But the second thing is that we don't know who, if anyone, has got the truth! We can't ever be sure that we have the truth. So although there is an absolute truth, it's very difficult to decide who has it, if anyone. All human claims to knowledge are provisional. This is not relativism however, it isn't that there is no truth, it's just the view that the truth is very difficult to find.

We talked about science earlier and the difference between religiom and science is that we're never going to get conclusive verification of our ideas in religion. We're always going to be stuck in the position of debate and enquiry. That seems to me to mean that we should have some humility about our views. I believe in Christianity but I can't be certain that it is true. I can see that other people can come to different conclusions and, like you said, I don't believe that God will condem us for contentiously holding a different opinion. I think God would say something like "I'm glad that you believed that conscientiously, only it just so happens that I am here, and you are wrong!"
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