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This girl seemed perfect physically and personality wise

*We agreed to hang out and the 1st thing I notice is she has alot of scabs over her body. Looked like she got into a fight but I didn't pay it any mind.
*The one thing that happened in this middle of all this is she took a pipe out and start smoking it, I thought it might be tobacco or weed, but it she told me it was crack and told me not to judge her. Being a struggling alcoholic myself I couldn't. Then while dropping me off she starts tying an ipod charger chord around her arm, I was terrified but knew what would happen. She starting putting heroin and water in a spoon and shot it up, right while she was driving. I've never been around heroin or crack before. Looks like she got the scabs from picking at her skin.
*I could tell she was getting better as her scabs started going away.
*the only catch is she needs 3 days worth of heroin and crack so she wont be sick.

exactly WHAT is perfect or beautiful about ANY of the above? i think you need a serious reality check. i hope you use this short experience and learn from it.
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