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Smile Update

Well I didn't learn my lesson for a while. I continued being friends with her because she said she was getting help at the methadone clinic. I could tell she was getting better as her scabs started going away. And I saw proof that she was going. I did end up moving but visited her about a week ago.

Everything was different. She promised she would be sober by then. Suddenly she was using a lot(and I mean a lot) more than usual, stronger doses too. It didn't make sense to me because I'm thinking she was suppose to be getting better. Anyways the last day we were suppose to do something very special and she ended up not showing up.

I explained to her that drugs were ruining our relationship and that I could no longer continue to enabled her. She explained in a "heartfelt" text that she's been doing this for a year and it's hard to stop her lifestyle but she was trying and she understood it was unfair to me.

I get back home the next day and she tells me she would like to come visit. Naturally i'm excited, the only catch is she needs 3 days worth of heroin and crack so she wont be sick. . I explain to her I thought things were changing and how her drug use made me feel. How she wouldn't even let me touch her let alone get close to her when she is using, and how she seems like she is switched off and I would not longer support that. She explained she would be sick the whole trip if she had nothing.

Then she turned it on me saying that i'm way to touchy feely around her and she likes to be in her own bubble and her own space. I was so hurt by what she was saying and she never expressed this before, it was like she was saying she was disgusted by me. And she said I always take things to the extreme and if I didn't want to talk to her anymore that was fine. So I told her I was deleting my messenger app. I was wondering if I did the right thing by finally giving up on her, but after reading these comments it seems like it. It just seems extremely hard. This girl seemed perfect physically and personality wise and it will be extremely hard to move on. I'm planning on deleting my social media and just going no contact.
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