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This poem today reminded me of a walk on the Lake Ontario beach a few years back. The mist was subsiding as the sun began to shine through and at the time it reminded me of how light always makes its way through and that when it does, even the darkness/mist is beautiful.

I found the picture this morning, it's one of the few I have framed. I hope you can imagine yourself on that beach too and let the light touch your heart as it touched mine.

your own solace place
deep in your eyes
pure illumined silence

to recognize your peace of mind
the source of light
even through the dark tunnels
sometimes crossing our lives

the soul only embraces events
received out of emanating light
no matter if it is clear to you
regardless of whether your thoughts about the world
speak truth or confusion to you
in your mind and memories

fighting your tears and grief
thinking you have hurt yourself
fearing you cannot forgive
afraid life is not trustworthy

I say to you
you are like
the most beautiful and gentle clay
forming and shaping
as the breakers brush against the cliff
always moving
like a river that never ceases
you are one with the ocean's
altering horizons
where darkness meets light
and seasons shift
between our souls

don't be afraid
of what you do not understand
and cannot yet grasp
if you are lost
in the dark night of the soul
nothing has ever happened
that was not meant
even if your thoughts
tell you this is not so

we share the same intertwined heaven
we are carried and held in the same light
we are loved in the same light
light will not elude you

let every breath
fill your mind with peace
let your soul unfold courageously
in divine wisdom
and open itself for the beautiful things
that want to enter your life from the future

the greatest truth of love
the only thing that matters
is that you are alive

~intertwined heaven - samma himmel - sofie jansson

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