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Originally Posted by Wholesome View Post
I think that's why God allows bad things to happen, because pain is such a powerful teacher, and the harder a thing is to do or overcome, the more valuable the rewards are.
The fact that God allows bad things to happen must be one of main reasons that people can't believe in a good God. By bad I mean there is harm, grief and death.

If you ask why there are theae things imo there's only one justification for it. And that's that God couldn't create a universe like this with people, beings like us, in it without these bad things also being part if it. Presumably God could create a universe in which there is no suffering but we wouldn't be the same kind of beings in such a world that we are. As you say, we would no longer be people who can learnt things from pain or overcoming obstacles. In other words, suffering has to be a necessary part of a universe that has beings like us in.

That's not an argument to justify anyone else's suffering though - no one has the right to do that for someone else.
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