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Hey Friend, first, congratulations on 92 days sober!

Thanks for sharing. There is hope and you will make it through this mess!

Three HUGE positive things I see right away. You’re alive, you didn’t kill anyone and you’re 3 months + sober.

This is how I would approach this.. this just my opinion..

Continue to stay sober! Get involved with a local support group, face to face. my method was and still is AA and SR, here! There are many methods out there.

As Reckless mentioned above, especially while you’re in this legal mess, be proactive and get engaged with a local program and document every meeting. Judges do love this and it will go a long way if you need it.

Get a Lawyer. Most will look at the case for free and will spend 30 minutes + on the phone or in person free. Talk to a handful of them.

I would fight this thing till the bitter end, if there’s a chance of winning, again this is my personal opinion.

As far as the job I wouldn’t say a word to anyone. If you’re in the US you do have rights. Being charged with something is much different than being found guilty of or pleading guilty to a crime.

This too shall pass! Wishing you the best.
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