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How was everyone's summer? GLBTQ Seasonal Check in ...

I see plenty of people viewing this forum with no posting. I am sure there are plenty of people in the process under this group whether they are clean or still struggling. I would like to connect ...

The best part of this summer is that my mom became cancer free. She went through a year of heavy treatment and we were not sure she was going to make it.

Personally, I got to take a trip to a northeast city I had negative experiences with, but I really enjoyed myself. I paid for the trip all by myself and went by myself. First time thing for me. I did a lot of family functions which is great because I basically disappeared for about 7 years lol. Wasn't fully my type of fun, but I showed up.

Recovery wise, I want to transition to NA. Feel like I'm still struggling with the thought I can still control certain drugs. I'm stuffing my feelings more than I want with substitutes that do not affect clean time. My therapist, sponsor, and people in AA say I'm coming alive and doing well, but this is my life and I want better health and growth. Could use a lil suggestion with this ... been praying on this decision.
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