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Hi August. Yes, that's right. I drank for one day, it was horrible and now I'm on day 3, the idea of drinking again repulses me. The point being to use this person (or these people) and their methods to fortify me so that things don't get on top of me so intensely. There's always that feeling of intense anger and frustration that leads to the drinking. This notion of drinking being enticing in and of itself has genuinely long gone. But I'm sure you see it here all the time. The penny slowly drops. But what this last failure has shown is that I'm going to need specific tools to defuse those feelings of anger and frustration before they are allowed to really become impossible to control. Perhaps I should try both the longer term therapy and CBT concurrently. I'll investigate this and will book something for this coming Wednesday - that way I'll have a week under my belt and I'll be out from the worst of a detox that will cloud my brain.

Sound like a good plan?!
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