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We are technically at phase 2 where he gets them 8 hours each Saturday but he has never had them more than 5 hours because he either brings them home to me or I pick them up because they are crying for me and he can't handle it.

He won't raise a finger to help with anything with them but threatens to take me to court constantly demanding more time with them.

so top quote is REALITY.
bottom quote is him flapping his gums talking about things that are NOT real and likely will NOT happen.

operate with reality. as suggested, document every time he cuts a visitation short. reduce your contact with him to pick up and drop off time - anything more gives him the chance to spew his vile crap on you. when he does, hang up. if the conversation drifts to anything more than Tuesday, 3pm at the McDonalds, then the conversation is OVER.

sasha makes a very key point (of course!) about the difference between entitled to certain access and exercising that access. if he can't even last 5 hours at a time right now, he certainly can't manage an overnight. it sounds like he doesn't have an actual clue as to what you DO with children when no one else is looking........

accept he ain't Father of the Year and is not likely to ever BE that guy.
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