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Hi Andrew,

I've seen your post's on Melissa's thread, and appreciate your supportive words for her. I also understand how isolated one can feel without much activity on one's own thread. However, looking at the number of views here, you are reaching more people than you may think.

I'm sorry for what you're going through. I've had "food issues" since adolescence and am still kind of screwy in my eating habits. For several years, I formed the habit of restricting and I still suffer some vestiges of this behavior although I'm currently (technically) obese. Another member here posted a youtube link to "Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off," (you can find that by just typing those words in), and while I'm no purist, I've found that drastically reducing carbs and increasing fats & proteins has been beneficial to my overall health and weight.

While I believe that addiction is addiction, no matter what form it takes, I think society in general is far behind in their understanding. Sheesh, I still encounter tales of alcoholics who don't understand that other addiction is the same thing with a different substance. I say post away and post wherever you feel is most helpful to you. There is nothing in the much more-traveled Newcomer's forum that indicates which kind of addiction you are trying to overcome. Same goes for the monthly "Class of" threads that you will also find in the Newcomer's forum. Ultimately you know this is 100% an inside job, but most of us really benefit from the support of others.

Whatever you do here and in real life, just try to be sure of your motives. There is no need to be self-conscious when you are literally struggling for your life. Speak your truth and be open to the thoughts and suggestions of others. It seems you are doing both already; I just wanted to cheer you on!

A suggestion I have for you is to Google "AVRT crash course" and go through the slides there. There is an extremely long discussion in the Secular Connections forum of SR, which I'm happy to dig up for you if you're interested. You really need the crash course to understand what I suggest next: read about Tatsy's recent journey from relapse to renewed strength. Her story takes a different path from the more worn #A ones, and has helped me to strengthen a more synthesized approach to being my true self; one that marries the spiritual to the rational.

Tatsy's thread is here: (I Drank After 2 Years and Six Months: Iím in Despair)

Best to you, and thanks for being here!

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