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Originally Posted by Cathy31 View Post
Thank you for your share Andrew. I found it incredibly useful and also inspiring. The AA threads area quite busy and I agree with you that the substance is not of as much importance as the solution. I've found God and the 12 step solution solved my drinking problem and I know if I show willingness and take ACTION (so hard!!!) that He will do the same for my compulsive under/over eating. How funny - today I listened to Roxanne S's share! And then I learned she died a few years ago. Fascinating story. Do keep posting! many people read and are helped even if they don't reply/like/post. It's good service! Thank you!

I am very grateful to have two responses overnight.

I have just called My 12 step supporter - not exactly a sponsor - he is younger than my son and we met when I supported a new OA Group that he started nearly 40 miles from here - he needed to withdraw being a person with many responsibilities and at that time giving important service in another fellowship - we had not established the group well enough for it to continue when my attendances were not regular at one particular time and thus yet another OA group folded.

I think I need face to face meetings - I am now food abstinent five days, I think, and doing a bit more each day - it is bright and sunny here in Essex and I was in the middle of household jobs whilst my wife is out - I want to return to them so there is some progress before my wife - who I met in 1964 - when I was 15 - she was already a young woman about town as she was 16 and working.

We are beginning to confront family issues that have been unresolved for too long - so my recovery is on several fronts - but I get tired most days before I have shaved and dressed ready to leave the home.

It is strange because just 2 years ago most Sundays I would have been at that OA group 40 miles away by now usually having left home before 8.30am and a lot earlier on the days I went by public transport - which was my preference - but I need to go gently.

If you reply and you can tell me how to change the title of the opening of this thread to something more hopeful please do.

Alternatively please give it a response so it stays visible to others and I might learn from their experiences.

Andrew from Essex, England, UK, Sunday 1st September 2019 10.55am
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