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Originally Posted by LifeRecovery View Post
Hi Tolkny-

Unfortunately this side of the forum is not as well traveled as some others. That was why I was double checking about the food part of things initially.

For me. I have lived with an eating disorder since I was at least 6. I have been working my recovery actively for the last 20 years or so. I have struggled with the full range of concerns.

While working on my food stuff I met, loved and married a problem drinker which eventually got me to this website, and the friends and family side of things.

For me right now I have had a really big recent shift in which I have realized that talking about things keeps me from emotionally stuffing things. As a result my food behavior challenges have been non existent recently.

I have not used OA for recovery but have used therapy, other 12 step groups, body work, mindfullness and meditation etc.

I don't always love the lessons that this has brought into my life, but I am grateful for the learning.
Thanks for that response - LifeRecovery - I have had four day's food abstinence - which for me is three moderate meals a day with absolutely nothing in between.

I first found the 12 step meetings for myself in 1994 - though had been in varying forms of contact with the AA & other programmes since my father first found some sobriety in about 1968 - he eventually began 21 years sobriety in November 1970 - by that time I (born 1948) had qualified as a social worker and since 1975 worked as a probation officer - & thus had begun to have professional contact with addicts of every type.

My experience suggests that the precise form of addiction is not itself necessarily relevant nor is the precise recovery programme used - as long as each addiction is acknowledged and surrendered and a daily progamme applying all the concepts learned by the early AAers is what matters.

Thanks for giving me a response.

I have not yet got the measure of this Forum yet awhile - but for the time being plan to post at least a little each day.

I am continuuing to work out a daily routine for myself - my primary addiction is probably compulsive eating but I do get over involved in the organisations I join and that is not helped by the consequences of what I now describe as my lifelong hidden neurological disability - the most prominent symptoms probably connected with what in some places is termed 2developmental dyspraxia" or DCD(Developmental Coordination Disorder) . So others find me odd but are mostly too polite to say - so demonstrate it by their unspoken reactions.

Another factor - is that I am currently very fat and get incredibly tired and seem to lose the ability to do almost anything - then have trouble sleeping through the night.

The disrupted routine is probably connected with the early stages of returning to recovery from relapse - so I need to press on.

I am reminded that The Big Book of AA was primarily first written for those alcoholics who were, locally on their own, without a specific group of alcoholics to be part of, as had begun first at Akron and then in New York.

I think there was very soon a third group in Cleveland begun by a chap who had got sober initially under Dr Bob's care in the hospital at Akron. Anyway - what impresses me about the book A... A.... is that they wrote down what the actually did rather than started from theory and wrote about that - that was why it was a struggle to write - because no two folk have exactly the same experience with addiction - yet when they recount those experiences - I should say WE recount rather than THEY - or even "I" !!!

When the stories are recounted they are recognised and somehow one takes strength from each other - it could be argued that in fact AA started earlier when Ebby told his story to Bill W - but sadly they did not both continue to maintain sobriety - which is what happened once Dr Bob got sober after that meeting with Bill W.

My morning reading today was Rozanne's story from the "Overeaters Anonymous" book - edition 3 - she founded AA yet it took her 26 years to get a plan of eating that worked for her as she explains - so far it is 25 years for me - I once thought I had cracked it as I had over 6 years non stop abstinence with a weight loss of around 11 stones - that is 154 pounds - but it crept back - I was again doing ok for about 18 months - was having trouble getting to meetings due to geography and time - was doing too much - had trouble in one meeting - pulled back a little and then what started out well in 2016 has all gone three years later - so maintaining hope is crucial for me.

I am wittering - I hope what I write is useful to someone and that others feel able to share their experience.

Meantime - for now at any rate I plan to continue to contribute daily to the thread started by "ShiftHappens" and headed "Dealing with rejection and and hurt and anger..."

Andrew from Essex, England, UK, Saturday 31st August 2014, 08.14am London time.
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