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Hi Tolkny-

Unfortunately this side of the forum is not as well traveled as some others. That was why I was double checking about the food part of things initially.

For me. I have lived with an eating disorder since I was at least 6. I have been working my recovery actively for the last 20 years or so. I have struggled with the full range of concerns.

While working on my food stuff I met, loved and married a problem drinker which eventually got me to this website, and the friends and family side of things.

For me right now I have had a really big recent shift in which I have realized that talking about things keeps me from emotionally stuffing things. As a result my food behavior challenges have been non existent recently.

I have not used OA for recovery but have used therapy, other 12 step groups, body work, mindfullness and meditation etc.

I don't always love the lessons that this has brought into my life, but I am grateful for the learning.
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