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Checking in another day of food abstinance - It seems I am on my own in this thread.

I made Email contact yesterday with another friend in active recovery and we have had an SMS exchange as well and I have made a plan to call him in about 15 minutes.

Other things seem to be going backwards - but myself I am moving forwards.

I hope YOU dear reader will share a little about your progress with recovery - I think that will help me.

Maybe the thread headline is putting readers off.

Can it be changed - if so how and what would yopu suggest please - I want to keep this going as a sign of my personal progress.

Maybe some of my journey needs to be done alone whist accepting I am not invisible to the rest of the world.

I read my "For Today", Overeaters Anonymous, 1982 - reading for 30th August - it had something to say to me.

I am trying to devleop a daily routine - like I had before - written down - which all started when I was at work in the 1980s and there was always more to do than there was time to do it in - so I formed a way of proritising - which I could at least defend to myself and gave me a measure to go by - rather than just bouncing between demands and urges.

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