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He is either using or selling. Do not doubt what you saw with your own eyes:

- Through our time together, I've had suspicions.
- I found some pills a couple years ago. They were hydrocodone too.
- he never has money. He even stole money from me
- He does payday loans and lies about them
- last night I checked his old hiding spot, and there was a bag of about 41 hydrocodone - Today they are moved

Now, if he were just selling, I should think he would have a LOT of money. Since that's not the case, default to the second scenario.

Nothing you have described is "normal" behaviour - in fact it's way out of any type of normal realm. It kind of sounds like you have been in this situation so long and been gaslighted for so long you are doubting what you are seeing with your own eyes. Don't doubt yourself! You know what you know.

He had 40 pills in a bag that magically disappeared when you found them. Not normal!

You don't need to see him take the pills to know exactly what is going on.

You may be right, he may have been taking them the whole time you have been together, so his stoned behaviour is all you have ever really known. That can be true of any substance really, some people that are alcoholics drink for years before the spouse really catches on.

I don't know much about opiods. Have you ever noticed any signs of withdrawal? Sweating, anxiety, stomach problems?

What does he say when you confront him with your suspicions, assuming you have at some point?
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