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Originally Posted by joandmelandhan View Post
Thank you for the new thread Dee and good afternoon all.
Just coming to the end of my Monday work-wise. It has been busy but relatively calm. Had my mum to visit this weekend which has had me in a bit of a tailspin as I obsess about my weight whenever she is around. She is a 71 year old 100 pound athlete and I am a 47 year old 175 pound slob. I did try to go out walking with her and the dog at the weekend but I have reached that point where the heat and my size are making even that difficult. I know damned well that I would be telling any friend of mine not to attach so much importance to this but I cannot seem to be anything other than disgusted with myself.
I can, however, live in 24 hour chunks and focus on that one day only. Today so far I have not had an entire cake or packet of cookies. Even if I do, I am still sober and a nice person. I will try not to though and report back in the morning...Ö.
Take care all and 24 more please XXXXXXXXXX
Jo, you are a beautiful person, I wish you could see yourself as the rest of us see you. I feel like I am always dealing with wanting to lose weight. I started WW about five weeks ago, and Iím down 10.5 pounds, still have another 15 or so to lose, but I am being patient with myself, and trying to say to myself what I would say to a friend.

I like WW because I can still eat whatever I want, and the app isnít handy. Also, tracking my food hasnít always been my key to success, even if Iíve had an off day. Last week was my first week that all seven days were in the healthy eating zone, and Iím on track for that to happen again this week.

I have also been exercising every day, just walking and some weights, but itís something.

Hang in there my friend, youíve got this!❤️
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