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G.morning Whiners, I'm just having a quick peruse on S.R whilst the rest of the household sleeps on, it's very cool, grey and cloudy out there, which means only one thing, more of that dratted wet stuff!

Try and look on the bright side Least, you've had a good clear out if nothing else, lol.
I only use my car to get me from A to B but there's just no enjoyment in driving these days, too much traffic and too many impatient lunatics on the road, if it wasn't for doing the school runs with the g.kiddo's and running my mum back and too here, there and everywhere, I'd seriously think about getting rid of my car.

Ann, I'm so sorry that you're going through such a rough time of it at the moment and I pray that it all gets easier for you and I'm sure it will, please don't think for one moment that we don't want to hear about what's going on with you, because we really do. You are always here for us and we are here for you. Isn't that what this Whiner's group is all about, getting it off your chest? Just say it as it is. xxx

I hope your day is a good one Hevyn, keep holding out for some sunshine.

Morning Pondlady, I hope all is good in your neck of the woods.

I'm glad your car passed Mags and I'd have a professional valet done too if I was selling my car. They aren't that expensive and they do get to the places we cant, I'm sure Mr Mags will come round to the idea.

Hi Opi, I hope all is good with you today.

See you all later, I hear movement coming from upstairs. xx
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