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Fearless, great book review as far as I am concerned! Canít wait to check it out.
Daisy, cool quote. I think a lot about how people who annoyed me when I was sober are regularly inspirational to me sober.

Grateful for some late evening swimming. It didnít exactly make for a smooth bedtime since we left the pool so late, but seeing the lights on in the pool and having it not be crowded were super relaxing.
Grateful my kids donít wake me up in the night all that much anymore. sure isnít fun when they do!
Grateful for parent friends.
Grateful to be meeting some old friends for breakfast this morning.
Grateful to have some quiet time to post.
Grateful for coffee. Slept so poorly last night I feel like my brain is stuck.
Grateful for you and all your inspirational thoughts, quotes, and stories.
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