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Good morning Whiners, I hope you're all whiney today. It's atually not raining at this minute, but it's quite windy out there, cold, very grey and it looks like the heavens are about to open at any minute.

I slept well thanks Ann and hope you did too. Don't worry too much about your lack of appetite, just eat what you can, when you can.

Least I can't believe that you remove other people's dog droppings, there can't be many out there who would do that, you are such a good person and it's a shame there aren't more like you.
A motor cycle with a sound system, how ridiculous, what is the point of that?
I'm sorry for asking, but is Oksis your sister? I will remember her and her daughter in my prayers anyway, not knowing is just awful.
I feel sorry for the farmers with all this rain, there crops will be ruined.

Thank you Hevyn, I had quite a good sleep considering my g.son went to stay with his daddy until Sunday, I always worry about him when he's there and he's always really cheeky and gives a lot of back chat when he comes back!
I always feel better too when the sun is out, maybe that's why I've been a bit down in the dumps after returning home from the sunshine in Mallorca.
I'm glad we don't sabotage ourselves any more too, why on earth did we do that?

I think I'll get myself some Vitamin D tablets and try them after reading your post Least.

I hope you feel better soon Mags and I hope your headache disappears quickly. I hope Mr Mags has a good day too.

Yuck indeed Maud, I think standing on a dead mouse would give me nightmares. You've been super busy in your garden by the sound of it, it all sounds very lovely.

Back later, Lulu cat is asking for her breakfast. x
Daisy xxx

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